The right people in the right box: Hiring and retaining a growing team

June 4 2018

Here’s the good news about a business that’s doing well—you’ve got plenty of opportunities for growth. But here’s the challenge inherent in that growth—you need to find more people who can help you make that business grow. No matter what type of industry you’re in, you can face an uphill battle to find people with the skills, work experience, and cultural aptitude to be good hires for your organization.

 When it’s all going well

But, even with all the other things you have to deal with as a leader, you won’t be able to scale effectively and efficiently if you don’t have “the right people in the right box.” It takes effort, but it’s worth it when you have the discipline and good fortune to consistently attract the right hires. When you are able to do that, you will have the kind of staff who get things right the first time for your clients, because they operate with a client-centric approach in everything they do.

If you’re hiring correctly, your clients will find even more value in the worth you do. Our clients notice that we’re easy to work with, bring them fresh and innovative thinking and manage every aspect of their promotions’ operations with consummate professionalism. That’s what happens when everything is firing on all cylinders, and that’s our goal every day here at YA.


What to Avoid

It takes vigilance and effort to make sure things don’t head in the other direction. One thing I always say is that if you don’t have the right person in the job, then other people will have to start backfilling to do that work, and then their work will be neglected … and suddenly you have a critical issue on your hands.

For me, the litmus test is to ask myself if the people I’m hiring have the vision and mission that we as an organization have. What I’m looking for is people with not just the talent and toolsets, but also the strategic intent, to drive our business. If they have the complete package, they’re hired.


Let’s Talk

If you’d like to engage with a highly effective team for your next promotion, now is a good time to talk to YA. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help you acquire new customers, retain the ones you have and build lifelong loyalty, then I’d love to begin a conversation with you. Contact me to learn more.

Chris Behrens, is the President and CEO of YA

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