2019 Ignite Conference Leads with Strong Line Up

September 10 2019

Launched in 2017, through partnership between YA and the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota, Ignite is no ordinary marketing conference. Using a unique format, pairing...

Don’t forget consumer support for your rebate program

August 26 2019

When planning a new rebate promotion, one of the areas that many marketers don’t immediately consider is how consumers will receive support. While it is not the most exciting item to consider for...

How to manage gift card cashout requests

July 29 2019

4 Times to use Virtual Rewards for Your Promotion

July 12 2019
Many promotional marketers assume that fully digital campaigns need a virtual or digital reward. While on the surface aligning digital campaigns with digital rewards seems logical, this approach...

Using prepaid cards in promotional marketing campaigns

June 6 2019

One of the most popular rewards for promotional marketers is Prepaid Cards. These cards function just like any debit card that consumers use every day, but include some key benefits for the...

Picking the right reward for your promotional marketing campaign

May 14 2019

Our clients often ask, “What is the best reward to offer our consumers?”

Reinvigorate your referral program: Double the reward value

April 16 2019

 A common challenge with on-going referral programs is keeping them top of mind for your brand advocates. One approach we recently tested with a client was doubling the reward for one week, from...

5 Best Practices for Creating a Referral Program

April 15 2019

Referral programs have become prevalent in the promotional marketing space. Having your customers advocate for your brand seems obvious. According to research from Nielsen, 83% of consumers say...

Loyalty: No Points Required

March 12 2019

It is well known, a loyal customer is more profitable and spends more, but too often marketers think of loyalty as a program rather than an outcome. While traditional loyalty programs have their...

Five Best Practices for Establishing a Successful Appeasement Program

February 4 2019

One of the realities of running any business is the need to make unhappy customers happy. In a world of real-time social sharing, one frustrated customer can have significant consequences to your...

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