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YA Announces a Virtual Prepaid Card Product to Simplify Rewarding Consumers for Incentive Marketing Campaigns

December 6 2018

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA, 11/14/2018 – YA a leader in consumer engagement and promotional marketing for more than 50 years.

Today we are pleased to announce the official release of a virtual prepaid card product that offers brands a more efficient way to validate and distribute digital rewards. Unlike traditional virtual card products, YA has integrated the virtual card seamlessly into the promotional website experience. This allows the consumer to have a single branded experience from initial rebate submission through reward redemption. 

By using a fully integrated experience, consumers can be notified of their reward based on incentive program design and interact with the branded mobile friendly redemption website without needing to be redirected to a third party virtual prepaid card product. Cards are created and loaded when the consumer is ready to view their card for the first time, reducing the need for excess funding by the brand and maximizing the reward spend window.

“We work with clients every day to identify dynamic engagement opportunities for brands that want a seamless incentive marketing experience. The results are clear for clients already rewarding their customers with our product; there are far fewer consumer support issues and quicker reward redemption than previous providers.” says Chris Behrens, YA President and CEO.

Value of the Virtual Card for Brands:
  • More effective use of reward dollars with a fund upon redemption economic model
  • Better consumer experiences for mobile-first users to ensure branded rebate workflows
  • Improved consumer support integrated into YA’s leading customer service capabilities
Benefits of the Virtual Card for Consumers:
  • Faster reward receipt via preferred communication channels to a known rebate website
  • Ability to use reward immediately after rebate or purchase validation
  • Mobile access to balances and transaction history simplifies consumer experience

YA annually administers more than $1.5 billion in rewards for consumers across leading brands. We work with our clients to develop promotional marketing programs that drive acquisition, retention, and referrals. Every year, YA executes 3,500+ incentive promotions dedicated to delighting consumers and building on-going relationships.

If you would like more information about YA’s Virtual Prepaid Card product or future promotional marketing programs, please contact info@yaengage.com or visit www.yaengage.com

Media Contact: Kaitlin Carter
Phone: 612-404-3609
Email: Kaitlin.Carter@yaengage.com

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