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July 16 2018
Brands make the products. Brands advertise and market the product. Your supply chain gets the products into the right retailers at the right time. And then, for many brands, that’s when the whole process hits radio silence. As much as you would benefit from establishing a one-to-one relationship with your customers, it’s often incredibly challenging, if not nearly impossible, process.

You have a great product that consumers want. Now what? For years, brands have developed ways to pull consumer data back in-house to dig deeper into the analysis and forecasting of consumer behavior. Often, that information is then sold by the retailers back to the brand. As you can imagine this is an expensive way for brands to capture consumer data they need.

The Next Frontier – Mining Promotional Data

But there is another, easier way to get in-depth consumer data – by mining the information they’ve already willingly provided when they’ve participated in enter-to-win, rebate programs, or other card-based programs. Timely, accurate information on consumers who are already engaged with your brand represents a unique opportunity for data mining and tactical responses intended to build upon a single interaction or submission and leverage it into a meaningful conversation that can open up a two-way street of information, opinion, and opportunity.

That’s just what’s happening here at YA, where the data collected during our digital promotions are reviewed, analyzed and repurposed to help frame, target and operationalize newly segmented and refined promotional marketing campaigns. Every year, we run more than 3,500 promotions that reach tens of millions of consumers, and we’re experts at turning even first-time customers into loyal brand advocates. We help our clients gain a great understanding of the customers with whom they want to engage. We can segment different user types and create communications and reward-based triggers within that customer journey to ensure they come back, buy more and spread the word.

How We Work With You – Apply the YA Value Card to Your Brand

Once we gather the consumer data as part of a YA and brand campaign, we will work with you to set up analytics plans that allow you to expand your thinking beyond a quarterly promotions-mindset and on to a more holistic point of view about the actionable information your consumers are willingly providing. We have a number of innovative ways to keep that engagement high, such as our new Premier Value Card program that allows one manufacturer to bundle multiple products onto a discount card that’s redeemable at major retailers. When consumers use the card to take advantage of discounts or promotions, we analyze the spend, initiate engagement opportunities and continue the relationship with the consumer. We can work with you through the whole customer lifecycle to deepen the relevance of your brand and strengthen the relationships you have with your customers with a robust engagement method that includes follow up via Email, SMS, Direct mail, and other methods. This program benefits all parties involved, Retailer, brand as well as the consumer.

Let’s Talk

If you’re interested in hearing more about how YA can help you acquire new customers, retain the ones you have and encourage everyone to spread the word about your brand, please contact us to begin the conversation.

Jay O’Sullivan is the Senior Vice President, Business Development and Marketing at YA

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