Don’t forget consumer support for your rebate program

August 26 2019

When planning a new rebate promotion, one of the areas that many marketers don’t immediately consider is how consumers will receive support. While it is not the most exciting item to consider for most promotion marketers, it is often the key to a successful promotion reducing unnecessary noise created by consumers that do not have an optimal experience.

As promotions run, it is vital to have the safety net of an experienced consumer support team that can solve consumer issues. Many marketers assume that their internal teams or general consumer support can manage promotional support, but rebate support requires a unique skillset and training.

Specialized rebate support provides several important services:

  • Early warning system as issues arise – When rebates programs run at scale, consumers will inevitably face issues with submitting or providing the correct information to validate their submissions. The support team acts as an early warning system to spot trends and then correct issues before they become a bigger problem.
  • Risk mitigation – In an age when one bad consumer interaction can turn into a social media incident, a strong consumer support process allows you to solve issues before they become widespread. Support teams should be empowered to appease customers to ensure a consumer issue doesn’t elevate to executives and the broader public.
  • Feedback and surveys – Rebate support is a great way to collect product and program feedback to improve future development and promotional efforts. Conducting surveys at the end of consumer interactions ensures expectations are being met across the board.
  • Branded engagement – Rebate customer support should be an extension of the brand sponsoring the promotion. Interactions should sound and feel like the brand personality and ensure the consumer remains a loyal customer of the brand.

For these reasons, it’s essential that consumer support is contemplated during the promotion design process and not treated as an afterthought. Leverage your rebate consumer support team in your next promotional planning sessions to truly deliver a great promotion.

Tina Baeyens is Senior Vice President, Contact Centre at YA. She works with clients every day to ensure promotions are supported and successful.

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