Exploring Instant Discounts and Rebates

January 6 2020

There is a lot of debate in the promotional marketing world about instant discounts versus rebates. While manufacturers often prefer rebates because they allow them to collect consumer information...

3 Ways to Use Charitable Rewards in Promotional Marketing Campaigns

November 4 2019

For years, brands have partnered with nonprofits and charities as way to give back to their communities. Now, those same brands are looking for ways to extend those community relationships and...

4 Ways to Innovate Your Rebate Program

October 17 2019

Traditional rebate programs often go stale after years of driving sales for marketers. Many have stopped attracting new customers at the same rate or are no longer exciting to retail partners. In...

3 Takeaways from Ignite 2019: Marketing to Generations

October 8 2019

Ignite 2019 was a success with nearly 250 attendees and 8 great speakers sharing their insights from both academia and the business world! The conference theme “Marketing to Generations: Why Does...

2019 Ignite Conference Leads with Strong Line Up

September 10 2019

Launched in 2017, through partnership between YA and the Carlson School of Management at the University of Minnesota, Ignite is no ordinary marketing conference. Using a unique format, pairing...

Don’t forget consumer support for your rebate program

August 26 2019

When planning a new rebate promotion, one of the areas that many marketers don’t immediately consider is how consumers will receive support. While it is not the most exciting item to consider for...

How to manage gift card cashout requests

July 29 2019
Several states require gift card issuers to allow consumers to request cash when gift cards have limited values remaining. Typically, cards are brought to retail locations and the cashier...

4 Times to use Virtual Rewards for Your Promotion

July 12 2019
Many promotional marketers assume that fully digital campaigns need a virtual or digital reward. While on the surface aligning digital campaigns with digital rewards seems logical, this approach...

Using prepaid cards in promotional marketing campaigns

June 6 2019

One of the most popular rewards for promotional marketers is Prepaid Cards. These cards function just like any debit card that consumers use every day, but include some key benefits for the...

Picking the right reward for your promotional marketing campaign

May 14 2019

Our clients often ask, “What is the best reward to offer our consumers?”

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